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M1070 HET Step by Step

M1070 HET 1/35 scale from Hobby Boss

The model I received as a Christmas gift. Due to the fact that years ago I photographed this vehiclein detail, for the construction resin model of AA.

I immediately began to build. At first glanceyou can see lots of detail and quality work from Hobby Boss.

LAV III Trumpeter- painting
Written by Miloslav Hrabaň    Wednesday, 09 March 2011 17:50    PDF  | Print |

The entire model is finished and ready for painting and weathering.

Favorite colors are Gunze Sangyo, Testors or Tamiya.

For weathering I use products from the production of the MiG.

Right side view.

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CDN Leopard 2A6M
Written by Miloslav Hrabaň    Friday, 26 November 2010 17:07    PDF  | Print |


1. Basic model - Tamiya Leopard 2A5 or 2A6

conversion kit RM 35149 CDN Leopard with Slat Armor

2. Basic model - Hobby Boss CDN Leo 2A6M

conversion kit RM 35154 Update set for CDN Leopard 2A6M

Both sets are in preparation for January 2011.




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M1133 MEV Trumpeter Step byStep
Written by Miloslav Hrabaň    Saturday, 06 November 2010 18:10    PDF  | Print |

Model M1133 MEV Trumpeter looks good. Aside from bugs like the RWS or very bad copy of soda boxes and menu boxes. As always, you need to do an anti slip surface.

I cut off the bolts and washers provided at all the places where I do an anti slip surface.
I also filled all the big holes on the sides, because I will use the new update set from my production - RMA 35216
Area Commander, I used the car from AFV Club. It is better executed and I use transparent periscopes.

I have a lot of AFV hull top, because I used a lot of the lower hull structure for my conversion sets (Stryker and LAV III)

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LAV III Trumpeter Step by Step
Written by Miloslav Hrabaň    Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:56    PDF  | Print |

Last week I finally got the LAV III from trumpeter. Aside from making a big mistake by

the Stryker family of minstrels - scaled and very poor copies of prints.

I will address the construction of the model and his improvements and fix my new sets.

Overall, the current low-end model for modelers is a very good price and good quality.

The  advanced modelers expect more intensive work and repair defects.

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